About us

Welcome to the ShampooMate digital store! I’m Tracey Parker, founder and creator of the ShampooMate along with my husband, Xavius Parker.

We came up with the ShampooMate as the solution to our wash day woes. We have three growing little girls, and wash day was becoming a dreaded occasion. If it wasn't soap in the eyes, it was water in the ears. And if it wasn't water in the ears, it was itchiness and rashes caused by the harsh chemicals in the shampoo getting all over their bodies in the tub.

The ShampooMate has transformed our daughters’ wash day from a nightmare to a dream. With the ShampooMate, we’re able to turn any sink into a comfortable shampoo bowl that our kids love. No more neck kinks, eye irritation, skin irritation, or bathroom messes.

Our mission at ShampooMate is to make washing your child's hair at home a fun and easy experience. Join us as we revolutionize wash day for little ones at home!